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" Humanity is the best Society "

Umang is the name of our club which means happiness,joy. As we know, in our country, from 100s of years, evil practices like dowry, women infanticide, child labour, neglecting women have been plaguing our society. And today also, it is disappointing to say that these practices are not extinct because in many areas, these practices are still going on. So this group was constituted, which works to resolve these issues in different way. In our club, we conduct events that are focused on these activities and also give a message to others too. Our team had visited Astha hospital and old age home and interacted with the inmates there.

We focus on how to educate poor, slum kids and for that we went to Mamtana (an area near Qarbala, Chakiya, Prayagraj) and we imparted free education to them for 4 months, daily in the evening. During our techfest at S.I.E.T., Eureka 2k16, our Club participated in various programmes, i.e., fashion show, Skit, group dance and chorus singing. Our fashion show was based on women empowerment, Skit titled Khoya Bachpan was based on child labour, chorus was based on unity of nation among different religion and the group dance was also based on child labour. We plan to continue these activities in future too.