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Literary Club - Prayatna : SGI

" Prayatna: For a Better Self "


The vision of the literary club named "Prayatna: For a Better Self" is to instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills within the student population of Shambhunath Group of Institutions. It outshines the necessary skills and confidence needed to use English as an effective tool in conveying one’s idea.


The mission of the club is to enhance literary activity among the students giving suitable platforms for literary talents with healthy criticism and heartfelt appreciation in particular and an avenue for self expression in general beyond curriculum leading to a better self.


  • The club comprise of a team including faculties and students. The members collects, collates and conceptualizes the various activities conducted in college throughout the year.
  • To inculcate and promote elite oratory skills, interpersonal skill, creative thinking for grooming the talents of students.

The club will publish newsletters periodically and a Magazine annually. In nutshell, the club offers great opportunities for young enthusiasts to read beyond the written word and evolve into creativity awakened individuals

  • Prof. J.P Mishra
  • Mr. O.P. Garg
  • Dr. Rajni Tripathi
  • Ms. Shikha Srivastava
  • Ms. Jagriti Pathak
  • Ms. Stuti Pandey
  • Shivanshu Awasthi-EC
  • Vishal Tulsani- EC
  • Surabhi Srivastava-EC
  • Rangoli Srivastava-EC
  • Shubhi Agarwal-EC
  • Sakshi Krishna-EE
  • Saloni Shikha-EE
  • Abhishekh Sharma-CE
  • Nisar Akhtar- CE
  • Kumar Vatsa-ME
  • Abhishekh Mishra-ME
  • Anupriya Srivastava-CS
  • Aishwarya Verma-CS
  • Akriti Sinha-CS
  • Pratiksha Prajapati-CS
  • Nitesh Mishra-EC