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Founded in 1996, UTTHAN works for poverty alleviation through sustainable development. It operates in surface soil mined areas around cities, degraded forest lands, dry lands and wastelands, under the able guidance of Dr. D. N. Tewari, former Member of Planning Commission, India, and Vice- chairman State Planning Board, Chhattisgarh. Its projects cover distressed migration areas; backward and inaccessible areas with poor community and communication; and areas with deficits in food, nutrition and health support.

  • Demonstrating and promoting agro forestry models in different ecosystems.
  • Developing technology for cultivation of Jatropha in degraded lands for bio-diesel production.
  • Demonstrating watershed management, rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge.
  • Reclaiming degraded land by watershed development.
  • Literacy and adult education programs.
  • Health and Sanitation Program.

To create opportunities for sustainable economic, social and ecological development by adopting and promoting schemes/programs that are pro-disadvantaged community and pro-environment.

Rural transformation of backward areas through education, technology and health care of the people to improve their food security, nutrition, income, health sustainable energy and environment.

UTTHAN decided to enter the field in 2004 with the establishment of Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology (SIET) and in this endeavor various other institutions were added under the aegis of UTTHAN Group of Institutions

The following Institutions are successfully being governed through UTTHAN Group of Institutions:

  • Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology (SIET); College Code: 162
  • Shambhunath Institute of Pharmacy (SIP); College Code: 241
  • Shambhunath Institute of Management (SIM); College Code: 727
  • Shambhunath Institute of Law, (SIL)
  • Shambhunath Industrial Training Institute (SITI)
  • Vishnu Bhagwan Public School. (Affiliated to CBSE Board)